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Changes around the hearth

Since our first circle, Hearth and Kin has been changing and growing to meet the needs of our the community we serve. To continue to meet those changing needs we have decided to combine our full moon and sabbat circles with those of the Circle of the Sacred Muse in Courtenay and Campbell River as well as start a local non tradition specific working circle under the guidance of priestess Tanya Duncan.


For each full moon and sabbat, we will run a bus service up island that anyone is welcome to ride on for small donation to cover fuel costs (Typically $10 per person). This will allow anyone who wishes to practice the ATC tradition to do so as well as provide access to open public ritual.

For those interested in participating in the local working circle, please know that this will be a closed group and those who are interested in participating should contact Tanya directly by e-mail at: kittenlynne@yahoo.com

A schedule will be posted on our website http://www.hearthandkin.org as well as posted on our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/hearthandkin



Hearth News

Coffee Caudron Is Back!

After a long summer break, Coffee Cauldron has made its return! Come out and join us for some social time over a cup of brew. Lets catch up on all the events from the summer and talk about whats coming up this fall.

Visit the Coffee Cauldron event on our calendar page for more details.


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Coming Out Pagan

May 2nd is International Pagan Coming Out Day ! Why is this important? Why, in 2013, are there *still* Pagans living in the broom closet? If you have to ask yourself these questions, you’re a lucky person who has probably already ‘come out’ (or never had too) and doesn’t face many, if any, legal or [...]

Hearth Musings

A Pilgrimage To The Mysteries

Well Ostara is over and we are well on our way to Beltane, the days are growing longer and the sun is shining more and more. In just a few days Kam and I will be making our annual pilgrimage to Eleusis (IE: fort Flagler state park). I’ve attended the Mysteries for the last five [...]

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Hard and Soft Boiled Polytheism

As covered previously I’m a devotee of Artemis, but I wasnt’ always this way. My belief in the gods has morphed over the years I’ve been a pagan from hard polytheist to atheist to soft polytheist, which is where I sit now. How can I be both a devotee of Artemis, a singluar Goddess of [...]

Hearth Musings

Witchy Wednesday~Priestess Problems

Nearly a year ago I stepped into the shoes of official Priestess of the Circle of Hearth and Kin. They were big shoes to fill, as our former Lady was well known, well liked, and really had her self together. Me? There were a number of differences, but by now I’ve worked through most of [...]

Hearth Musings

Tools of the Trade: The Athame

Altar tools are one thing I think every Pagan has in common. Every tradition has their own tools for honouring Deity, directing energy, consecration, etc. In Wicca the most common tools are the chalice, pentacle, wand, and athame. When I first became Pagan I was excited by all the new stuff (shallow, I know!) and [...]

Hearth Musings

A Long and Winding Road

Welcome to the new weekly Circle of Hearth and Kin postings! I’m starting things off with an introduction since I realize many of you don’t actually know me all that well, seeing as how I just moved to the island in Summer 2011 and only became heavily involved with the Circle the following Spring. So, [...]

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December Coffee Cauldron for Nanaimo Canceled

The December Hearth and Kin coffee cauldron has been canceled. See everyone next month and have a blessed Yule!


Hearth News

Join Us In Celebration of Yule

Yule Ritual and Celebration @ Kin Hut Activity Centre

6:00 pm – 9:30 pm

This is a public ritual and anyone is welcome to attend!

Please bring a pot luck item for a community feast afterwards and a small donation to help cover hall rental.

Doors open at 5:30, ritual begins at 6:00 sharp.


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